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From the themed scents to the incredible food, there are several things other than the parks and thrilling attractions that keep us coming back to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Disneyland. We hope that these will inspire you to plan your next magical adventure, whether its your first time or you'll be going back for your twentieth.

Image by Kyle DeSantis



From the moment we step on Disney property to the second we leave, we feel like we are in another world. The atmosphere is both fun and relaxing. Your normal stressors fade away. Even the roads and signs are different. We truly feel like we have been transported to another place, where we can “get away from it all.” 



Every hotel has a special scent that helps you grasp the theme of the resort, transporting you to a beach side cottage or to an African savannah. Somehow these scents provide a sense of place to where you are resting your head. It’s the little details like this that make Disney theming so immersive.



Walt Disney World is a massive venture that runs like clockwork day in and day out. From the Magic Bands on your wrist that hold your park pass, hotel key, credit card and ride and dining reservations to the ease of the smartphone app to the magical touches that Disney often adds, their perfected systems all make for a truly seamless experience. 



“Anything your heart desires will come to you” is actually real at Walt Disney World (within reason.) The continual smiles from Cast Members who are always willing to help make for some super special times. Or when things aren’t going so great, they swoop in to save the day with an offer of an extra FastPass or special treat.

Image by Isabella Martine



The detail and heart behind the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter takes us back to when we read the books as children. Growing up with Harry and now getting to walk in his shoes is truly magical. You can sample butterbeer, purchase your own wand and see a fire-breathing dragon!



Sometimes less is more. With just two parks to explore, we love that we can make a quick getaway to Universal Orlando and not miss out on anything. Spending two or three days is plenty of time to get in everything we want to do and still have time for the pool and great meals.



Universal is PACKED with thrill rides. They have as many in their two parks as Walt Disney World does in its four. From intense coasters to innovative simulated experiences, and everything in between, Universal is definitely thrilling.



While planning is often fun, spontaneity also has its place. Sometimes it's nice to not have to worry about planning a trip 6+ months in advance. At Universal, you can just hop on a plane and go. With a little bit of touring strategy, you’ll have a fantastic time.




Theme park food often gets a bad rap, but that’s just not true of Disneyland. Not only are there some truly delicious restaurants on property (counter and table service), but Disneyland also gets a greater variety of seasonal and specialty food items. For us Instagram addicts, those speciality items photograph well and taste good.



This is the park that birthed the modern concept of a theme park. If Disneyland had failed, we wouldn’t have Walt Disney World or Universal Studios to enjoy today. Disneyland is also the birthplace of beloved, iconic attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion. Disneyland Park is the only one that Walt himself visited, and there’s something to be said for walking in such a brilliant man’s footsteps.



Like Universal Studios, Disneyland only includes two theme parks. While they’re jam-packed with attractions (87 vs. Walt Disney World’s 100), their smaller footprint means they’re less exhausting to tour. Better yet, it’s only about a two minute walk from the Disneyland Park turnstiles to those at Disney California Adventure, which makes park hopping a breeze.



There is simply nothing like Christmastime at Disneyland. The entire resort is decked out. Both parks are chock full of specialty food and seasonal entertainment, plus holiday nighttime spectaculars and holiday ride overlays. Best of all - this holiday cheer is included in your regular theme park admission. You don’t have to pay extra for a party ticket.


So there you have it - our favorite things about Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and Disneyland. We hope this helps you decide where to plan your next theme park vacation. If you need help deciding or you want some advice just click here to get started.