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Character greeting with Mulan



With a persistent love of Disney and Harry Potter, I was destined to enjoy the parks. However, I had my first and only visit to Walt Disney World at 10 months old and never visited Disneyland or Universal. That all changed in my mid-20's! The first time I spotted Hogwarts Castle at Universal, I was hooked.


The immersive experience, enduring charm of each park's attention to details, afternoons relaxing by the pool, wonder of fireworks, thrill of the rides, unique dining experiences, seeing characters and places come to life, and the enjoyment of being a kid again (except this time, with margaritas!) are what make these parks so fun as an adult. For me, the real adventure comes from the familiarity of old favorites, as well as the excitement of trying something new.

  • Favorite Park: Diagon Alley at Universal Studios

  • Favorite Ride: Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom

  • Most Underrated Ride: The Mummy at Universal Studios

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan




Unlike most people, I fell in love with Disney during several family trips as a teenager! To me, the the thrill of getting there early for rope drop, running with my sisters to grab FastPasses and then getting on the first train for Space Mountain or Rock "n" Roller Coaster was such a crazy and special time with family. Plus, it required a lot of strategy and problem solving, something a young aspiring engineer couldn't get enough of - and definitely still can't. 

As an adult, my appreciation for a little relaxation has also grown with time. Whether it's Universal, Disneyland or good ol' Walt Disney World, a delicious meal, afternoon swim, and quiet evening stroll through the parks along with all the strategizing are now staples of what make an adventure magical to me.

  • Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios

  • Favorite Ride: Avatar: Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom

  • Most Underrated Ride: Soarin' at EPCOT

  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King & Toy Story

Adam is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and the UniversalANDU Sales Training Program. CLIA#: 00431292  

Abbie - Adventure Expert (Travel Agent)



I fell in love with Disney World when I was a child, going on family vacations with my two siblings and parents. We were always the first people in line at the parks and would "walk with purpose" to be on the first car of the day. But my main focus was the characters! I wanted to meet every one and make sure to get their signature in my autograph book.


What I like now about Disney World, is that they do everything 100%. They are dedicated to the entire experience, ensuring that the intricate details of each park, ride, show, shop, cast member uniform, restaurant, and on and on truly making me feel like I am in a magical world. Plus! it is fun for all ages. I loved it as a kid and I love it as an adult as I get to experience it again and again with my my family (and all its new members!)

  • Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios

  • Favorite Ride: Toy Story Mania & Tower of Terror

  • Most Underrated Ride: Carousel of Progress & People Mover

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Mary Poppins and Ratatouille

Abbie is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and the UniversalANDU Sales Training Program.




My first trip to Disney World was at 3 years old, and I was lucky enough to return with my family every couple of years. I had nearly every Disney movie, and my room was full of Disney-themed toys. To say I was a “Disney kid” might be an understatement! My favorite memories from the parks include meeting characters, getting autographs, and riding rides. I even tried to “cheat” my way onto rides that I was too short for by wearing big bows and thick-soled shoes…it didn’t work.

Visiting the parks slowed down as I approached adulthood, but taking my own daughters for the first time reignited the magic of Disney in a big way! There is simply nothing better than seeing the wonder in your child’s eyes, while simultaneously feeling like a kid again yourself. As Walt said, “That’s the real trouble with the world. Too many people grew up.” 

  • Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom

  • Favorite Ride: Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios

  • Most Underrated Ride: People Mover at Magic Kingdom

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Aladdin

Alaina is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and the UniversalANDU Sales Training Program.




I began my journey of becoming a “Disney Adult” when my husband and I visited Walt Disney World in 2015. It was magical and I was blown away by the hospitality and service of the Disney brand. We have since visited Disneyland in California, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, taken several Disney Cruises, and we are annual passholders at Walt Disney World. Our goal is to visit every Disney park! 

We now have two small children that we love to take on all our magical adventures and it has been so fun being able to have a place to visit that we can all be entertained together. Whether it be watching fireworks, laughing and screaming on Big Thunder Mountain or singing at the top of our lungs in the Frozen sing-a-long show, we have created so many CORE memories! My favorite thing about Disney is that there is always something new and exciting to see and do. 

  • Favorite Park: Epcot

  • Favorite Ride: Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom

  • Most Underrated Ride: Living with the Land at Epcot

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Frozen and The Little Mermaid

Carly is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge




My first trip to Disney World was when I was 5 years old and I have been hooked ever since. It was one of the most magical "core memories" integrated into my childhood and I knew from then on I would be an avid Disney lover all my life. My husband and I have a bucket list goal to visit every park and take our two boys along for the adventure, usually visiting a Disney property several times a year!

My favorite thing about Disney is that they make every little thing "magical" for every single person, truly adapting to everyone's needs. I have witnessed it firsthand time and time again with my disabled wheelchair bound brother. They accommodate all his needs and go above and beyond every time we visit. The hospitality and compassion is unmatched. It's magical to get to experience Disney with my kids and to help others experience the magic as well!

  • Favorite Park: Magic Kingdom

  • Favorite Ride: Radiator Springs Races at California Adventure

  • Most Underrated Ride: Soarin' at Epcot

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Toy Story and Finding Nemo

Christina is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge




Although I went to Disney as a kid, it wasn’t until I was able to go to both Universal Studios and Disney World as an adult that I really began to appreciate and fall in love with the magic. Since my first trip to Universal Studios to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in college and then coming back to Disney World the next year, I’ve tried to make it to see the magic every year. There’s just nothing quite like that first step down Main Street USA and just truly feeling at home!


The best part of both Disney and Universal is the chance to escape all the pressures of this life and live into that joyous, childlike wonder that the parks create. There are rides for everyone, immersive lands, and tons of different foods and even cultures to experience in the parks. Put it all together and you are given memories to last a lifetime! 

  • Favorite Park: Epcot 

  • Favorite Ride: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster & Cosmic Rewind 

  • Most Underrated Ride: The Mummy at Universal Studios

  • Favorite Disney Movie: Mulan

Kayla is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and UniversalANDU Sales Training Program. CLIA#: 00517749




As a kid my grandparents took my siblings and me to Disney World and Universal Orlando every summer. At the time, I didn’t appreciate it fully, I just saw it as another family vacation. Then I first took my 4 year old for the first time! Seeing my son’s eyes light up every time he saw a character, every time he went on a ride and with every Mickey pretzel is something completely indescribable. 

From the little details in the park that were around when I was a kid to the newer attractions, Disney has a way of captivating you.  As an adult I’ve been able to enjoy Disney in a different way, from the firework displays to trying the occasional adult beverage in Epcot. Even just the little things, like sitting by the pool with my family. It’s sharing the magic with my family that brings my childhood back to life.

  • Favorite Park: Hollywood Studios - Galaxy's Edge 

  • Favorite Ride: Jurassic Park River Adventure

  • Most Underrated Ride: Soarin' at Epcot

  • Favorite Disney Movie: The Lion King (and Avengers: Endgame!)

Tony is a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge and UniversalANDU Sales Training Program. CLIA#: 00530799

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