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New Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Strategy

Disney recently announced that, as of November 3rd, they will begin piloting a new system for boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance. This change is a pretty big shift from their systems of the past and will likely have a significant impact on park strategy and wait times.

The gist of the change is that you no longer have to be in the park to get in a boarding group! Instead, you now only need to have a park ticket and park reservation for Hollywood Studios for the day in question. However, be aware that the first opportunity to get a boarding pass will be at 7 am instead of at park opening (usually 10am these days). The second chance opportunity will remain at 2 pm and you will need to be in the park at that time to get into one of these groups. You will still want to be on your phone right at either 7 am or 2 pm to make sure you can get a spot as all of the available boarding groups will fill up within the first 10-15 seconds.

So to summarize here are your two opportunities to get into a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance

  • 7 am: Park ticket at Park Reservation required

  • 2 pm: Must be inside of the park

You can read the full press release from Disney here:


So now to the important question, how does this impact touring the parks?

First of all, this change will likely greatly reduce the crowds at park opening. Prior to this change we saw the highest waits of the day at Hollywood Studios right at park opening with those wait times reducing gradually throughout the day. We now expect the wait pattern to be similar to other parks where there are lower wait times first thing in the morning with waits peaking around midday and tapering off in the evening.

However, don’t expect the average wait times and crowd levels to be that much better overall. We would not expect the number of people in the park to change much, just that their time in the park will likely shift to later in the day.

One nice thing about this change is that it definitely provides a lot more flexibility for your day at Hollywood Studios. We would still recommend planning to arrive at park opening (see note above). But if you chose, you could now plan to arrive later and still get multiple chances to experience Rise of the Resistance. If you wanted to spend the morning around the hotel and hop over after lunch for example, you could still do this and get some great time in the park in the evening.

Overall, we really like this change and hope that it stays around after the trial period is over. It increases flexibility, decreases congestion in the morning, and will add to guests’ overall enjoyment of the parks. If you have any questions about the changes or about getting a boarding group in general, please feel free to reach out to us at or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.