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Gather Your Gear: Tried and True Recommendations

Spending long stretches of time walking around a theme park in the sun and the occasional storm means you need the right gear to stay comfortable. Here are some reliable items that have helped make our trips easier, more enjoyable, and ready for wherever the adventure takes us!

Camelback Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle with a Straw: We are team straw 4lyfe at Magical Adventure Co. There are very few things as annoying as tipping back your water bottle and getting a face full of ice water. Unless you’re into an instant freezing facial, we highly recommend the built in straw. Fill up your water bottle with ice water at the beginning of the day at your resort/hotel/AirBnB, and refill during lunch.


Ponchos: Would it be a theme park packing list without a poncho recommendation?! I submit it would not! While rain jackets are wonderful and we love ours, ponchos are really helpful. They are big enough to cover you and your backpack. Additionally, they are more lightweight and easier to pack. The ones we have listed in particular are of a heavier weighted material, and more durable for reuse.

Note: We traditionally don’t bring an umbrella. They get in people’s way, obstruct views of other people and tend to force you to not be as nimble in walking through a crowd.

Supergoop Sunscreen

Sunscreen!: This probably goes without saying, but we want to say it: wear sunscreen. Put on sunscreen in the morning, reapply before lunch, and once again in the afternoon. It’s hot. You need to be wearing it. We like this sunscreen because it’s great for faces, sensitive skin, and doesn’t leave a white cast on your face.

Anker External Charger

External Charger: If you’re like us, you will use the apps that any of the theme parks have to find directions, get wait times, show times, find your spouse in a crowd, and use your phone to take photos. A bank charger helps eliminate worry of battery usage. What we love about this one is it can hold 4 full charges, and has two ports so we can charge both phones at once.

Two people wearing sunglasses at EPCOT in Disney World
Showing off our sunnies

Cheap Sunglasses for Women + Men: While we do not recommend losing your sunglasses, it will probably happen. We’ve lost ours in the pool, on a ride, or left them in a locker. It happens. Pack a pair of cheap sunglasses that you’re chill with losing.

Lightweight Jacket: While theme parks are traditionally in sunnier, warmer climates, the restaurants, rides and their queues tend to stay on the chilly side. Having a lightweight jacket to pop on for those instances really adds to your comfort.


Stasher Reusable Bags: We love these reusable, waterproof, and dishwasher safe bags. They’re the perfect size for storing snacks, the external charger, charging cords, and anything else you might want to find in a pinch. It helps keep your backpack or pack organized, and helps you find things a little bit easier. We have both the snack and sandwich size.

Stasher bag with apple slices
Cooling Towel

Cooling Towel: Depending on when you go on your adventure, it has the potential of getting very hot in the afternoons. These towels are great because you can wet them in a sink, wring them out and they don’t drip, while simultaneously keeping you cool.


Sneakers: We struggled for a long time with finding the best footwear for theme parks. True blue athletic sneakers can end up being uncomfortable after long periods of time. Additionally, hot feet can easily lead to crankiness! But these sneakers really did the trick. They are comfortable for long wears and distance, as well as have fantastic arch support. We recommend getting them about 8-12 weeks before you go to break them in. Additionally, they’re super cute! Look, I’m not too proud to say that I want to look cute when we go to theme parks. We’re taking photos that will probably end up on a Christmas card. I want to feel comfortable and confident! These sneakers fit the bill for me.

Also, we really recommend these no show socks for our recommended (or any) slip on sneakers.

Three people in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at night in Hollywood Studios
Perfect night for sandals

Durable sandals for Women + Men: We really recommend a lightweight sandal that has arch support and a harder sole. They’re great to pack in your backpack, and then change out of your sneakers once the afternoon gets warmer or if you’re headed onto a water ride. And listen. I know what you’re thinking: “But I already have some cheap flip flops that I’ve worn in that will work great!” Those cheap flip flops are perfect for relaxing by the pool or showering in your dorm freshman year of college. They will not be your pal for walking at a theme park. Trust.


Moleskin padding: Have we mentioned it’s a lot of walking at a theme park?! This padding is essential if your footsies are sore, or you have a spot on your foot that is on the verge of blistering. Never leave for a trip without it!

Wearing a backpack at Epcot

Comfortable backpack: We’ve taken our trusty JanSports out on adventures, and nothing has come close to this recommended backpack. The straps are comfy, there’s an exterior mesh pocket for your water bottle, and it has different pockets for easy access to storage. It easily fits all of the above, and leaves plenty of space for other items you want to bring with you.

While this list isn’t comprehensive, these are our trusted supplies for a day out enjoying an adventure. To check out a full list of recommendations, use our Amazon link to check it out.