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Disney's Pop Century Resort: Review

Large sign in front of Disney's Pop Century Resort
Disney's Pop Century Resort Entrance

Disney’s Pop Century Resort is a trip through the decades, from the fifties all the way up to (almost) modern times. From the great location to the multiple transportation options, you get a great stay for the money in this value resort. All of this makes Pop Century a place that I highly recommend for your next visit to Walt Disney World!



In the lobby of the Pop Century Resort, you’ll find displays of items from throughout the decades. From classic postcards to Nintendo Gameboys, it’s neat to peruse these and see what sorts of things you might recognize. The lobby itself is modestly themed, with these displays being the biggest “look at the decades” you’ll find. Also off of the lobby is the gift shop, food court, and a small arcade.

The resort is divided into several sections, each one highlighting a different decade. The decor outside of these buildings showcases items from that decade, making the resort grounds a fun and colorful place to walk through. The rooms themselves don’t vary much (note: all of the rooms have been recently renovated), with most of the theming happening outside, but it’s still neat to walk up the stairs inside a giant Rubik’s Cube or bowling pin.

The rooms may not be overly themed, but they do have a clean and sharp look to them. Decorations on the walls give things a splash of fun, and the clean lines and bright colors make the rooms feel larger than they are.

Oversized Duncan Yo-Yo outside of one of the buildings at Disney's Pop Century Resort
Duncan Yo-Yo


The Pop Century Resort’s price can vary wildly depending on time of year and other factors. It is on the higher end of the value resort spectrum, and sometimes the price can even be close to the moderate level.

On average, a room at the Pop Century will run about $150-$200 per night. Additional charges such as tax, resort fee, and additional adults over two in a room may apply. All of the rooms sleep up to four people. Each room has one queen bed, as well as a second pull-down Murphy style queen bed. The rooms also include a mini fridge, and an impressive number of USB charging ports.

This is a value resort, so the rooms are smaller than those in a moderate or deluxe, but if you’re single or a couple of adults and you don’t pull down the Murphy bed you’ll have a lot more space. When it’s in its up position, the Murphy bed doubles as a table, giving you some more space to put your stuff!

Murphy Bed pulling out from the wall at Disney's Pop Century Resort
Murphy Bed


Pop Century Resort has a quick service food court off of the main lobby as a part of the Everything Pop Shopping & Dining area (the food court as well as a gift shop), featuring several different options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Breakfast includes Mickey waffles, eggs, omelets, and various platters that include combinations of those plus meats such as bacon or sausage. For lunch and dinner you can get burgers, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and salads. The breakfast and lunch/dinner menus also include plant-based options.

The food is not fine dining, of course, but it’s decent for what it is. Especially if you just want some eggs and bacon (and Mickey Waffles!) before heading out into the parks, or to grab a slice of pizza for a hungry kid, it’ll do the trick just fine. Like all Disney resorts, it also has the option to get a refillable plastic soda cup for the duration of your stay.



The Pop Century Resort has two main modes of transportation: bus service and the Skyliner.

Bus stops are located out in front of the main lobby building, with options to go to any of the theme parks as well as Disney Springs or the water parks. The Skyliner can take you to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, and the addition of this option really makes the Pop Century a great place to stay.

The Pop Century has a “dedicated” bus line, meaning that it only goes there and does not stop at other resorts. Additionally, it only has the one bus stop area. One neat thing, though, is that Pop Century is close to the Art of Animation Resort and you can actually take either bus! If you get off at the Art of Animation, you just walk across a bridge to get to the Pop Century. An extra walk after a long day at the parks may not be a thing you want to do, but it’s nice that the option is available.

Disney’s Magical Express service can take you right to the Pop Century Resort from the airport, and back again at the end of your visit.

Nighttime view of the swimming pool at Disney's Pop Century Resort
Swimming Pool


The main pool at the Pop Century Resort can be found outside of the main building. It is a standard value resort pool area, so there’s no spa section, but there’s plenty of space to swim and play in the water. Additionally, there are smaller pools in different sections of the resort grounds. These can often be quieter if you’re looking for a relaxing soak.



Pop Century is a value resort. This means that you won’t get some of the amenities that you’d get in a moderate or deluxe (like the aforementioned hot tub/spa), the rooms are on the small side, and the beds aren’t nearly as soft and luxurious as you’d find at a place like the Grand Floridian.

The price can be on the higher end of the value scale, often creeping up to around the level of a low moderate. Especially with the addition of the Skyliner, the price per night may be higher than you consider “value”. If cost is the top concern, the All-Star Resorts are often cheaper.

Photos of Mickey on the wall above the bed in one of the rooms at Disney's Pop Century Resort
Photos of Mickey. Also - notice the USB ports!

The Pop Century is a great option for a Walt Disney World stay. It has plenty of convenient amenities on the grounds, multiple transportation options to the parks, and fun theming. You may want to wander around the grounds and see all of the different decades represented with artwork and statues, and the renovated rooms offer a comfortable stay. It can run a bit higher than what you may consider “value”, especially during peak times, but the Skyliner and the dedicated bus route may make up for that additional cost.


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