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Choosing a Date For Your Disney World Adventure

This post is an excerpt from our Disney World Planning Guide, which includes the ten steps to follow when planning your adventure and covers topics such as budgeting, what to pack, booking your hotel stay, and creating a daily plan. Check it out today!

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Choosing a date for your adventure is a crucial component of traveling to Disney World, as a week sooner or later can make or break the enjoyment of your time. Understanding projected weather, ticket prices, park hours, and events/festivals will help you make a wise decision on dates for your trip.

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Usually, we recommend consulting crowd levels via a crowd calendar. However, with capacity currently being limited, crowd levels won’t be a deciding factor for your adventure until spring of 2021 at the earliest.

However, if you are interested in future crowd projections for a date in 2021, you can find several crowd calendars online that can give you a great place to start on this decision. The best crowd calendar can be found at Touring Plans. There is a fee associated with the calendar, but their research has been our go to source for all crowd data for years. Undercover Tourist also has a great FREE crowd calendar that we would recommend.

Historically, the best times to travel considering all factors are late January to early February, April to early May, September and October, and the week after Thanksgiving through the first week of December. But given that current capacity is limited, anytime in 2020 would have low crowds. However, we would recommend consulting with your family, and health provider about if 2020 would be an appropriate time to visit.

Before moving on, you must also check to make sure that there is availability on the Disney Park Pass System for the dates you have chosen. This system was implemented when Disney reopened and requires that everyone who visits a park have both a park ticket and a reservation for each day in the park. You can make those reservations on Disney’s website after you purchase your tickets and we talk more about this below. However, at this point you should ensure that there is availability for all of the days you are planning on going.

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