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Being Basic at Disney

Welcome to the Disney Friends Blog Hop! This month's theme is "fall" and we hope you enjoy our take on this amazing season. Once you finish reading, be sure to check out the next post in the chain by using the link at the bottom of the page.


Fall solstice is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more psyched! The wonderful time of year filled with cozy flannel, cooler weather, football, the changing of the leaves, as well as pumpkin spice and everything nice! Of course, this year things are a little different, but we are incredibly excited for the abusive temperatures of summer to be over, and for a change in the weather.

However, we know there are people (“fun sponges” as they are not so affectionately known in our home) out there that want to hate on this blissfully autumnal season by making fun of those who find joy in these basic pursuits. But you know what?! We are reclaiming the word basic. Fun things are fun for a reason - especially at the most basically fun place of all, Walt Disney World.

Walt Disney World Sign spanning World Drive on your way into Disney World

Driving under the Disney World Sign

This iconic sight spanning the main roadway into Disney World lets you know that you are finally back at the Most Magical Place on Earth again. One of the best things about going to Disney World for us is the fact that once you cross this boundary you enter a bubble of magic, being a kid again, and feeling the freedom to enjoy without judgment! You can leave your worries and cares outside and you don’t have to touch them till you drive out in the other direction.

Early morning walk down Main Street USA with fall decorations

Main Street USA in the Morning

Early in the morning, Main Street USA is incredibly magical. It starts when you take those first steps under the train station, walking with purpose of course!, and then step onto Main Street where you are greeted with that first view of the castle, glistening in the morning sun. Especially with Main Street lined with autumnal decorations that would put every HomeGoods to shame! Being in Magic Kingdom early in the morning is pure Disney - walking down the street with few people around taking our time to take in the sight, sounds, and of course smells of coffee and treats being prepared for another magical morning.

Main Street USA at night

Main Street USA at Night

On the other hand, when the lights come on Main Street USA you feel a real energy. Compared to the quiet of the morning, the excitement of the evening can’t be missed. The building lined with white lights complement the bright shop windows. A slow walk towards the train station, with the castle at your back is one of the best endings to a day you can have. Hop on up to the train station and look back upon the lights and the castle from above - it’s a beautiful sight!

Enjoying some Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Every single day in the parks deserves a treat, and the Mickey Ice Cream Bar is the best. First of all, it’s Mickey Shaped, which is half of the fun. Secondly, it’s ice cream covered in dark chocolate. What could go wrong!? Now we love all Mickey shaped items, but grabbing a bar and enjoying the fall decorations and themeing around the parks just really makes our day.

Happily Ever After Fireworks :(

We know they aren’t showing right now, but the Happily Ever After Fireworks bring tears to our eyes every time we see them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our current watching of the video on YouTube is at 3 times. With characters you love, and songs you know, this fan service set of fireworks is some of the best of the evening magic that Disney parks provides. We recommend making time to see them twice when they return to nightly action. Because no one does fireworks like Disney.

One of our favorite Dark Rides - Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

Dark Rides

. . . Except for Small World Because Duh

One of the best things about Magic Kingdom is that it is the ultimate tribute to the creativity of Walt Disney. We feel like the best way to experience this is through the many great dark rides in the Magic Kingdom specifically. While many weren’t the brain child of Disney himself, the idea and execution of what is currently there reminds us of his incredible vision. The classics, like Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and Haunted Mansion are similar creations found at the OG Disney park: Disneyland. However, the new classics of Buzz Lightyear, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, and Winnie the Pooh all build on this vision. While they don’t back the punch of some of the popular coasters, they do bring us so much joy as they transport us to a different time, place, and bring that childlike joy that we all still have!

Plus! Next time you are in Disneyland in the fall, be sure to check out the Nightmare Before Christmas overlay on Haunted Mansion. While a little controversial with the purists out there, we think its pretty great!

Toy Story overlay on Walt Disney World Bus

When You Get a Wrapped Disney Bus

Bonus basic points if it shows up right when you do! Sometimes the little things can bring a little extra magic to help you start your day on the right foot or after the end of a rough one. Most of the busses at Disney World are the standard white with red trim and black windows. However, every now and then a character bus pulls up to take you to your destination. It could be Mickey or Minnie, characters from a Disney animation classic like the Lion King or the Little Mermaid, or maybe even a more recent Pixar addition. While the ride is still the same, the little extra magic can go a long way to the experience.

Adam with his Dad showing off his Star Wars shirt in Galaxy's Edge

Mildly Themed T-shirts

We are definitely not Team “matching t-shirts.” However, we are very much Team “Wear a Star Wars shirt to Hollywood Studios.” We know, everyone does it - and that's why it's basic. AND YOU KNOW WHAT. We like it. It doesn’t make it any less fun. Also, go ahead and grab that Hakuna Matata shirt for Animal Kingdom and Peter Pan shirt for Magic Kingdom from Target for good measure!

Mickey Ears on the bed in Disney's Port Orleans Resort: French Quarter

Mickey ears made from towels

Anything that housekeeping does to add a little magic to our room is just the best. And definitely picture worthy. Whether it's mardi gras beads shaped like mickey at Port Orleans Resort French Quarter or Mickey ears made from towels at Beach Club these little extra touches truly add to the basic fun.

Look. We get it. Some people just don’t like Walt Disney World or Disney. We don’t know who hurt you that you don’t enjoy these pursuits, but it’s okay. We’ll convince you that you need to go and give it a try someday.

But most importantly, let people live! When times are hard, and life is challenging, it’s nice to have those items that are deemed basic that bring you some levity. For us it’s Disney Parks, infinity scarves, boots, leaves changing colors, and pumpkin spice everything. These things are enjoyable for a reason. They remind us that change is a part of life, and that with a little bit of pixie dust, you can find joy in basically every little thing.

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