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Adventureland at Magic Kingdom

Overhead sign reading "Adventureland" at Disney's Magic Kingdom
Entrance to Adventureland

As soon as you cross the wooden plank bridge from Main Street U.S.A. at Walt Disney World, you know you’re headed for something different, exciting, and truly magical. You’re headed into Adventureland at Magic Kingdom! As you continue across the bridge into the entrance, you’ll notice that this land inspires images of exotic locations, and jungle explorations. What’s unique about Adventureland is the theme is subtly divided into three locations: Polynesian, Arabian, and Caribbean.

Adventureland is a land for just that: adventure! From the rides, to the food, and the shops, this land is ready and waiting for you to take some time to explore!

This post is part of a series on all of the “lands” of Disney and Universal. You can check them all out here!



As mentioned previously, this land is divided into three locations. Up first is Polynesian, with the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse, a real treehouse for you to explore themed after the 1960 Walt Disney film with the same name. As one of the original attractions of Adventureland, it often gets passed over due to its age and lack of “bells and whistles.” But it’s a fun way to avoid some crowds for a little bit, and see scenic vistas of Magic Kingdom.

High elevation view of Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom
View of Magic Kingdom from Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

Continuing into the land from the treehouse is The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. This is a ride that is similar to Dumbo and Astro Orbiter, and meant for the younger explorer. It does provide a nice transition into the Arabian area of Adventureland. But watch out for the camel - he spits! The gold, 20 foot tall camel will spin his head around and spit water onto unsuspecting crowd members. So step lively!

Just past The Magic Carpets of Aladdin is another Walt Disney classic: Enchanted Tiki Room, another uniquely Polynesian attraction in Adventureland. No one does animatronics better than Disney, and this attraction is a reminder of where it all started. Watch these flowers bloom and singing birds come to life! This is an attraction that can be skipped, but it’s a great way to beat the heat or a passing storm as it’s indoors and seated.

In Adventureland, there are two headliner attractions. One of those two headliners is an all time favorite: Jungle Cruise. Down and to the left from The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, this ridiculous boat ride is a true gem. What is meant to be a cruise along some famous jungles with very well done animatronic creatures, quickly turns into a boat ride brimming with corny jokes and bad puns. Jungle Cruise gets better with age and after each ride, so get started now! As the most unique attraction in all of Disney World, it is the only one revolving solely around the thrill that comes through humor. The jokes are sometimes cringe worthy, and often the same from ride to ride, but the hilarity comes from the Skipper delivering them. Get ready to enjoy the “backside of water”, “sleeping Zebras”, “Sam the head salesman” and many other puns from this day-one Disney parks classic.

The other headliner is another animatronic classic: Pirates of the Caribbean. Located around the corner from Jungle Cruise, this ride aptly located in the Caribbean themed area of Adventureland, served as inspiration for the movie series. With the addition of new special effects, it’s popularity has only grown over the years. This slow moving, dark boat ride is nothing but adventure as you explore a time when pirates ruled the seas. Disney added Captain Jack Sparrow to the attraction several years back, due to the popularity of the movie series. This adds some fun to try to spot this new fan favorite character throughout the ride.


Don’t Miss it

Located on the right as soon you enter Adventureland is Sunshine Tree Terrace. This snack bar serves treats with the delights of Florida: citrus! With pineapple and orange flavored soft serve treats, there is something to delight everyone - including chocolate floats!

Next door to Sunshine Tree and across from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse is Aloha Isle. This fantastic snack pit stop serves a classic Disney parks treat: Dole Whip! This pineapple flavored frozen soft serve is a sheer delight in a cup, and is not to be missed.

Dole Whip ice cream in front of Aloha Isle Restauraunt
Don't forget the Dole Whip!

Other snack pit stops in Adventureland include the Egg Roll Wagon, and the Adventureland Snack Cart. Located in front of the entrance to Adventureland from Main Street, the Egg Roll Wagon has, yep you guessed it, egg rolls! But these aren’t just any egg rolls. The flavors include: pepperoni pizza egg rolls, cheeseburger egg rolls, and bacon mac + cheese egg rolls. I know right?!

The Adventureland Snack Cart is located near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin. It has your typical theme park snacks of popcorn, soda, and frozen treats such as Mickey Ice Cream (!!!!!).

If you’re exploring for more hearty meals, Tortuga Tavern fits the bill nicely. Located near the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, this quick service spot will fill up the belly of any pirat. . . er adventurer! It has a small menu that includes turkey legs, hot dogs, and a brisket sandwich.

Adventureland is also home to one of the better table service restaurants in Magic Kingdom: Jungle Navigation Co. LTD Skipper Canteen. Known simply as Skipper Canteen, this restaurant is themed after the nearby Jungle Cruise ride. And we have to say, if you love Jungle Cruise, bad jokes, delicious food, and Disney storytelling you will love this restaurant. The jungle theme with the hidden and not so hidden call backs to the classic ride all add a nice touch to this delicious menu that includes chicken, steak, pork chops, lamb, and tempting desserts.

For your shopping needs, Adventure land is home to several shops. The largest spot, Plaza del Sol Caribe Bazaar is located at the exit for Pirates of the Caribbean and offers pirate and Adventureland themed merchandise. Across the street you will find La Princesa de Cristal, which is a small crystal and glassware shop. In addition to these two spots, you will also find several other small shopping opportunities scattered throughout the land.

With several classic attractions, this land definitely offers something for everyone. From the thrill of Pirates, to the humor on Jungle Cruise, to the classic Tiki room, Adventureland truly is a quintessential Disney adventure and is definitely one of our favorites.

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